How to Play

Welcome to PlayHow, a gambling guide full of tips to help you learn how to play. The goal with this site is to give both experienced and new gamblers very useful gambling tips and information about how to improve your play whatever your favourite game is.

Gambling tip

The site provides help in many different ways. Before you start to play a game you should go through some information if you want to become a winner. First you should learn the rules of the game. Learn how it works and understand it fully, this is the foundation for the following steps. Already know how to play? Then some good strategies is very important. For casino games there are usually one strategy that is optimal which means that it gives you the best odds. A gambling tip that may not seem very important is to choose where to play. This decision can be of a lot more wight than many think. Rules and odds can vary alot between different casinos and poker rooms. They also often got different selections and advantages. When you choose your place to play at you should have a look at their promotions. Bonuses can be a great way to increase your odds. When you've got all this information and can use it, you've maximized your chances of winning!
PlayHow will help you learn how to gamble and of course where to play. Besides from our gambling tips we got our unique rating system so that you can select the casino or poker room that best suits your preferences or even your favourite game!
So remember: First learn how to play, then why to play followed by where to play. We recommend the Result database or The Odds Comparison if you are more interested in sports betting.