Three Card Poker Odds

Interested in the odds of three card poker? Well then you've found the right place. As in all card games you can calculate the probability of getting each specific hand.

Probability of hands



Straight flush 1 out of 460 (0,22%)
3 of a kind 1 out of 425 (0,24%)
Straight 1 out of 31 (3,3%)
Flush 1 out of 20 (5,0%)
Pair 1 out of 6 (17%)
High Queen+ 1 out of 2 (44%)
High lower 1 out of 3 (31%)

The house edge for "Ante/Play" is 3,37% if you play the optimal strategy (Player will in the long run loose 8,66% of the wagers but then win back 5,29% of them by the bonus) Remember that you can turn the odds in your favour if you use a good betting strategy.

The return for "Pair Plus" bets are even better if you play at a maximum payout casino. The house edge will be only 2,32%!

If you, for some reason, would play every hand of ante/play bets, then the house edge would be 7,65%.

Casinos with 3 card (full payout)

Top Casino For 3 Card Poker

Golden Tiger  Rating for Golden Tiger casino Most players from the United States are welcome

Golden Tiger offer several types of online 3 card poker including multihand tables. Together with the incredible low minimum bet of $0,5 that makes it available for all players we choose Golden Tiger as our top pick for this game.