Affordable Web Hosting

There are lots of web hosting companies out there and it can be very hard to decide. We've helped you out a bit and listed the ones that we think got the best affordable web hosting packages. We've reviewed all hosting plans of about 50 hosts, and these are the ones we've chosen.

Ds = Disk space, Bw = Bandwidth
Prices that are shown is for two-year hosting plans.

Web Hosting Buzz - Special Offer
Three free domains!
Ds: 1125GB
Bw: 15000GB

This limited time offer is crazy. Three free domain names for life and huge disk space and bandwidth (who can even use that much?). They allow you to keep unlimited domains and MySQL databases in the account. A guaranteed 99.95% uptime is great but the best feature of them all is their price freeze. They will never increase the costs for existing customers. If you sign up with this special offer today, you'll be paying the same low price in 10 years.

EasyCGI - Advanced
99.9+% uptime guarantee
Ds: 350GB
Bw: 3500GB

Great support combined with their Windows 2008/2003 best hosting environment and powerful servers makes it a true pleasure to have sites hosted with them. Unlike the other companies the monthly cost is the same whether you choose to pay for one or several years. This gives you a chance to enjoy their most affordable hosting even if you just want to try them out for a short while. You can host unlimited sites in the same account.

DreamHost - Standard package
Free domain name for life!
Ds: 500GB
Bw: 5000GB

You can host an unlimited number of domains and subdomains in this account. They also offer unlimited MySQL databases, Ruby On Rails, full CGI access and more. You'll get a free domain for life (they'll pay the domain fees every year!) as well as an optional free WHOIS privacy. If you already know that you're going to keep your domain for a long time, sign up for 10 years and get it for $5.95 per month! The only negative thing I have to say about DreamHost is that their web-based control panel can be a bit confusing in the beginning.

IPower - Starter
Incredibly low monthly cost
Ds: 5GB
Bw: 250GB

If you want a really cheap web hosting package then this should be your choice. $3.95 per month for hosting and domains for only $6.95. It doesn't include huge disk space and bandwidth but it should be more than enough for most personal and small business sites. It has all basic features that you need, one MySQL database, PHP 4 & 5, PERL and CGI-BIN support (and more).

IPower - Pro Plan
Domain + $80 in ad credits
Ds: 1500GB
Bw: 15000GB

Incredibly low price for what they offer. Huge disk space and bandwidth, one free domain name, $80 free advertising credits (Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing) and free WHOIS privacy. The Pro Plan "only" allows you to have 25 domain names and 25 databases - but you probably won't even need that many.

Think - Plan II
Solar and wind powered
Ds: 100GB
Bw: 1000GB

Earth friendly, 100% renewable energy - wind and solar power only. They even plant a tree for every new client. You know what more? They are great at web hosting too. Unlimited number of sites and databases allowed. Lots of different special bonus tools and software are included. Think green.

Web Hosting Buzz - Gold Plan
With free .com, .net or .org
Ds: 750GB
Bw: 10000GB

Great features for a very affordable price. They give you one free domain name for life and the possibility to host unlimited domains and databases (MySQL). Features include 99.95% guaranteed uptime and price freeze (they will never raise the price you pay as long as you stay as a customer with them). So sign up today and take advantage of the low price in the future.

Site5 - The Plan
Very few sites per server!
Ds: 750GB
Bw: 7500GB

Site5 has launched their "Plan To End All Plans" which is very competitive. They guarantee that they have a very low number of sites per server which equals that your site will be running fast and smooth. Choose to pay for 4 years and get it for only $5/month!

AvaHost - Advanced Plan
Domain + $170 in ad credits!
Ds: 450GB
Bw: 3500GB

AvaHost have had 100% uptime so far this year. Free .com name and $170 in free advertising credits gives you a great opportunity to start up your brand new site. Use promo code AFFHOST15 to get 15% OFF on any hosting plan! AvaHost makes daily backups of your data.

Best affordable hosting plans?

We used many factors when we calculated which host that got the best affordable web hosting package. The calculations are quite advanced but since we've already worked out the formula it's quite easy to add new hosts and packages.

Remember that you shouldn't look too much on the numbers (disk space, bandwidth etc.). Focus on those features and services that you actually need. If you only need 50MB of disk space then it doesn't matter if the host promises you 100MB or 100TB. In my opinion reliability, stability and support are much more important. These factors are hard to measure before you purchase your web hosting package, but we've done our best to research this and take it into our calculations.

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