Let It Ride Poker Strategy

The strategy in Let It Ride is quite easy to understand, since you only got a few choices to make. You should always “let it ride” if you got a paying hand, you’ve already won then and it can only become better. You should also keep your bets on the circles if you:

Three cards up:

  • All cards in a row of the same suit (3-4-5 or better).

  • Three of a straight flush with one space and at least one high card.

  • Three of a straight flush with two spaces and at least two high cards.

Four cards up:

  • Four of the same suit.

  • All cards in a sequence.

  • Four high cards.

The bonus bet is the worst in the game, as in most casino games. Although, you might get angry if you get an extremely good hand and haven't placed the bet. Remember that it is a bad bet, you should forget the bonus cause the odds are not good at all.

Let it Ride Odds

These are the true odds of recieving each hand:



Royal flush


Straight flush


Four of a kind


Full house






Three of a kind


Two pair


10's or better


The house edge is 3.51% with this paytable, which is better than for example Caribbean Stud Poker.

Top Casino for Let it Ride Poker

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